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iOS App (iPhone & iPad)
Languages: German, English, Dutch, French

System Requirements

Version: Android 4.1 or higher


Two priests – the wielders of Kahuna magic – compete to determine which of them has greater powers. With a select group of 12 uninhabited islands, they use their magical powers to build bridges linking those islands to each other.
In Kahuna, rivals use cards strategically to place bridges between these islands or remove opponent's bridges. As soon as the majority of bridges are conquered around an island, Kahuna marker stones can beplaced on that island. The player who holds the most Kahuna stones after a round will score points. It’s all about clever placement of limited cards for maximum impact. Kahuna is easy to learn and a challenge to truly master!
  • Magical game for one or two players
  • Easy rules for a fast game start
  • Campaign mode for single players
  • Turn-based multiplayer mode for two players
  • Numerous achievements
  • 12 AI opponents with different personalities and tactics provide varied challenges
  • Based on the successful board game classic
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Dutch
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Android (Google Play)
2.99 GBP   2.99 USD