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Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Age: from 12 Years

EXIT - Trial of the Griffin

The second Escape Room experience from the exciting game series EXIT - The Game takes you back to the year 1837 to the legendary Greifenstein Castle.
The Countess herself has invited you to assist her as an expert. Neither the bumpy carriage ride through the misty woods nor the warnings of the locals can deter you. However, what is the truth behind the rumors that the Countess has not been seen for decades and that ghosts haunt the stone halls of Greifenstein?
Once you arrive at the castle, the old walls will not let you go. Only if you pass the tests of the Countess and prove yourself worthy, you can free her—and yourself—from the castle and defeat the curse.
Go in search of the castle's mistress, examine her chambers for artifacts from your predecessors, rummage through the library for clues about the von Greifenstein family, discover mysterious relics in the castle courtyard, solve tricky puzzles in the family crypt, and even think outside the castle—and the game! The ghosts will help you decipher witchcraft recipes, open folios, medallions and caskets, or decipher the strange hourglass. Are you up to the task and can you free the Countess from her seemingly hopeless situation?
An exciting adventure also awaits you in the mysterious Hotel Ophir in the Wichita Mountains: "EXIT - The Curse of Ophir" can also be found here on the store.

Financially supported by FFF Bayern and the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs
  • Prove yourself digitally as well: with the second app of the award-winning game series "EXIT® - The Game".
  • Save the Countess — and yourself: exciting Escape Room game with a completely new storyline
  • Master the challenge alone: for one player
  • The adventure awaits you: exciting mystery-puzzle adventure with twenty multi-layered, creative puzzles
  • Think outside the app: anything can be part of the game!
  • Immerse yourself in the mysterious setting: an atmospheric soundtrack, hand-drawn graphics, and narrator audio set to music will transport you directly into the historical atmosphere of Greifenstein Castle.
  • Are you ready? Age recommendation 12 +
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iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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Cover für EXIT - The Curse of Ophir
iOS App (iPhone and iPad)
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