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Solar Eclipse by Redshift

Observe, understand, and marvel at the solar eclipse taking place on August 21, 2017!
How does a solar eclipse occur? Where will the Moon’s shadow pass over the Earth’s surface during the next eclipse? Where can the solar eclipse be best observed, and what must be kept in mind during the observation?
Experience the solar eclipse of 2017, as well as many previous and future ones, all shown in vivid, interactive simulations. Find out where to observe the solar eclipse from the best location. Witness the celestial event as observed from a point near the Sun. Read all the fascinating facts about the Sun and the development of a solar eclipse, and read some useful tips for observing a solar eclipse.
  • Four different interactive eclipse simulations: View from current location, View from best location, View from orbit around the Earth, View from the Sun
  • Physical and schematic solar eclipse maps including simulations of the solar eclipses
  • Visualization of the best visibility (partial/total obscuration)
  • All about eclipses: explanations and facts, illustrated with images and videos
  • All solar eclipses occurred/will occur on the Earth between 1990 and 2100
  • Select location from a map, via place name search, or GPS; alternatively, select the ‘best location‘ for observing
  • Display up-to-date weather and temperature data
  • All the data needed for observing ‘live‘: time of greatest eclipse, coordinates, etc.
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