Cover für Redshift 9 Premium
1 DVD-ROM for Win
ISBN: 978-3-8032-7674-2
Languages: German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese

System Requirements

DVD drive, Internet access for online features

Redshift 9 Premium

The Astronomy Software

View the night sky in unique brilliance, travel to stars and distant galaxies, land on celestial bodies, or orbit the Earth in real time. Plan your observations of the night sky and control your telescope with Redshift 9 Premium.

Redshift's main features:
  • Professional Astronomy software
  • Position calculations and motion simulations based on the latest scientific data, with numerical integration for highest precision
  • Contains more than 100 million stars, one million deep-sky objects, 1.2 million asteroids, as well as countless other celestial bodies
  • Impressive space flights to planets, moons, asteroids, spacecraft, and stars
  • Position-accurate landing on planetary or lunar surfaces
  • Extensive information and animations for celestial bodies, enriched with 29 interactive guided tours
  • Extensive sky calendar and observation planner
  • Redshift control center displaying exact positions of satellites
  • Time interval from 4713 BC to 9999 AD
  • Available in eight languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese
  • Dictionary of Astronomy including numerous illustrations and more than 3,500 entries
  • Download the latest orbital data of satellites, asteroids, or comets at any time
  • Numerous display options and tools for optimal navigation in the night sky
  • Powerful search function - quickly finds all objects in the sky
New in version 9 Premium:
  • State-of-the-art design, optimized sky display, and new 3D models
  • Synchronized multi-window option for different views of sky events
  • Online access to USNO B1.0 and Gaia DR3 catalogs with 1.8 billion stars
  • Telescope control: besides Meade and Celestron, the ASCOM Alpaca standard is now supported as well
  • Representation of the orbits for all celestial bodies in the solar system
  • Free choice of observer location in the solar system
  • Track 45 deep space missions, such as Voyager and James Webb, and follow satellites in orbit in real time
  • Professional solar eclipse map with projection of the lunar shadow on the Earth's surface and animated preview for any observer location
  • New control window for intuitive adjustment of the sky view
  • Search for supernova blasts or stars with exoplanets
  • Time-accurate display of any object's movement across the night sky with just one click
  • Optimized for touch screen use
  • Redesigned time control including two operating modes and optimally fine-graded speed adjustment
  • History function for direct selection of previously visited celestial bodies
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